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The rundown

let me just say my birthday rocked...
with that said I got 1. An acoustic electric OVATION guitar
2. a wah wah pedal 3. a white cowboy hat 4.cash 5.awesome eryka gift

I always told eryka since we're poor and have no money we should just buy a few boxes of cereal a tupperware container and a few gallons of milk and just like eat it outside of wal mart like bums. So, for my birthday: WE DID. totally threw me off by surprise. I used my hands to eat of course to give more of the "barbarian" feel. and some old lady who worked there came up to me and said we were scaring customers and i said "but its my birthday :(" and she said " X( I DONT CARE GET OUT!"

then my classes were all fun. Pre calc we watched some dance show. Third chorus we practiced our state music and crap.
Then fourth, omg those kids really tick me off. YOU GUYS THINK YOU'RE MUSICALLY TALENTED BECAUSE YOU HAVE IB MUSIC? HAH. MY FINGER IS MORE MUSICALLY TALENTED THAN ANY OF YOU. Lets put em in an "honors band" or "honors chorus" class and see what happens

also checked out colleges... still undecided. But i know im going to FSU to get my masters
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