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Best movie besides star wars of course

tonite I watched V for Vendetta with Eryka which was almost as orgasmic as the first time.
I saw it with sara too, and it was amazingly amazing, especially because I was seeing it with her and she could fill me in on all these weird facts that I didnt know about the movie. Dork.

Today I had a jazz concert and went and played at the portuguese american club. Got to miss third and fourth which was kinda fun. MAn MY SOLO WAS SOO AWESOME. I mean I had two. the first one, mr scott was just like "hey somebody play a solo" so i did and it was crappy. But I actually wrote a solo for one of the songs and that one was amazing. Old people actually got up and danced to my solo. It rocked

Payday tomorrow.
Life is good. Oh yes, Life is good.
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