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"C'mon Tink lets save Wendy" err something like that

Oh man this weekend has been awesome
Saturday I had completely off so i got my costume
Peter Pan
You know the tights hat skirt thingy.
Go to chylsie's party which was very fun. Slept over at her house which was very fun. Then made pancakes in the morning which was very fun. Then spent the sunday with her until i left to go get a shower and get dressed for work. I overslept and was 25 minutes late to work :(.

Monday was okay. Had the rest of the trig test and i think i understand this stuff now.
Went trick or treating with Chylsie's family first. Her little cousins are soooo cute well one of them was cuter than the other. One (the cute one) was tinker bell like her cousin and the other was pippy longstocking who kept telling me she loved me and freaked me out. Then Tinker Bell and I headed over to jon's house and met up with Julius, Stephen, Alex and Corry who was a prostitute lmao!! Stephen was a gorilla, Alex was zorro, Julius was a sniper and Tj who didnt come was a guy that rode an ostrage...?
Yea i got like no candy.

So today Im going to see Star Wars. Saw it four times in theatres. Man that movie freakin rocks. Later
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